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Recap (x x x x x x) Some tweets:

“I was rolling around a carpeted floor like a lunatic.” Benedict Cumberbatch on his mo-cap work for

's Benedict Cumberbatch loves doing motion capture acting bc you're “free to make a complete fool of yourself”


Writer Philippa Boyens is dropping and trivia bits. Meanwhile, the words “Benedict” “Cumberbatch" cause screams

Andy Serkis to - “just make sure to not get carpet burns, really.”

Just saw the teaser trailer for Battle Of The Five Armies, featuring a shot of Smaug laying waste to Laketown.

Benedict Cumberbatch just said ‘button lady’ in his Smaug voice to a lady wearing, well, lots of buttons. We didn’t know he takes requests.

Cumberbatch just asked if he touched the wolf’s sharp penis! is the best!

Watching a Q&A with the hobbit animation supervisor and he says the opening of the movie will be an exciting opening sequence with Smaug

Benedict giggles when ever the word ‘penis’ is spoken. Such a child….


saw a model of a LOTR wolf with a pointy penis.  : “How did you know? Did you touch it?”

Where would you take your character at Comic-Con? “Hall H. I don’t think I’d fit anywhere else.” - Benedict Cumberbatch




Next on “Linkara’s Whiteboard”. Fat Grandma Conspiracy.

Nice catch! - Dame

Surprising that took so long for people to catch.